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What Is The Lawn Mowing Reduction Program?

The program is a chemical that is applied during your regular 5 Step Lawn Care Program application. It is designed for use on all forms of turf to reduce the frequency of mowing and the amount of grass clippings through reducing the growth of turf grasses. Using unique chemistry, it makes turf stronger by increasing both root and lateral shoot growth. The result is a shorter distance between the shoot nodes, leading to more compact root growth. While the vertical growth is slowed, both root and lateral growth are boosted, creating stronger, healthier turf.

Are there other benefits?

Extensive research has proven that implementing a program which includes an application of Primo Maxx plant growth regulator prior to the onset of stresses like heat, drought, disease and traffic can strengthen the turf, and therefore allow it to withstand ongoing stresses throughout the season. Primo Maxx reaches the growing point through the foliage and it is not washed off by rainfall or irrigation, watering-in is not required

How does the application work?

The active ingredient trinexapac-ethyl, causes a temporary halt to the production of gibberellic acid, a plant growth hormone which is responsible for the top growth of the plant. Trinexapac-ethyl is taken up by the foliage of the grass plant and is trans located systemically to the growing point of the plant. After application the turf grass grows more slowly than in untreated areas, with shorter leaf blades. Basically, it promotes root growth, and not top growth, which not only saves you time, but is good for the health of your turf!

Is It Safe?

The active ingredient has been used for many years on golf course greens it has years of public usage we all may not know about. According to its label it is safer than the chemicals currently applied to your lawn.
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