green grass

There are many things to consider when choosing a lawn care company and it’s hard to have an “apples to apples” comparison. You have choices from the national multi-state companies, to the folks who mow your lawn and do everything else. Each choice has there own pros and cons and we know because we were one of those companies that did it all, from residential services like mowing, pruning, mulching to patios and retaining walls. 


Over the last few years we decided that customers deserved more and that focus was the key to delivering a better turf care program and service to those customers.

So you may ask, what makes you different from the other local choices and the national companies:

  • Locally owned and operated service provider
  • No Telemarketing (we will not call you 20 times a season to try and sell you more services)
  • Complete 5 or 6 step program (based on grub/insect control) that delivers most of what a lawn needs
  • Same technician on every visit so you get to know who is working in and on your yard

  • No upsells of things you do not need, if we see a problem we will bring it to your attention and show you it, so you can see it.
  • Scheduled day of service, if we will not be there, we will email you and let you know when to expect us.
  • Products that work to deliver a great lawn (granular fertilizer/liquid weed control)